nSight Email Program

Now you're in charge! After a series of deployments, CAS will send you the email, postal, and contact information for those responders who opened and/or clicked your message.** These "hot leads" are perfect for your sales team to follow up.


Real-Time Tracking Reports

real time email reports
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How Prospector Works

List Select: Select your list using hundreds of demographic and firmagraphic variables.
Deploy & Re-deploy: We send a minimum of (3) email deployments to your target audience
Quantities: 0-50,000 Records
A/B Split: Our automated A/B tracking is now available. Test with two or more creatives and our system will automatically adjust to send to the creative that is performing the best.
Creative consultation - We can help you develop an HTML creative that will get delivered.
Tracking: Robust & accurate tracking reports include: Opens, Clicks, Soft Bounces, Hard Bounces, Unsubscribe, Clicks, etc. (see sample below)
Post-deployment: Here is where the fun comes in.... Throughout the process, we will re-deploy follow-up emails to the responders who showed an interest in your product or offer. We can tailor a campaign to send the "openers" a second message, while the "clickers" will receive another.

The possibilities are endless. Along with the post deployment / secondary follow-up deployments, we send you the email address, mailing address, and contact information for the leads that opened or clicked thru your message. These leads are great prospects for your sales team.

What Lists Are Available?

The Prospector programs are available for both Consumers and Businesses. If you market to Consumers, select from any of our 500+ available demographics. If you market to Businesses, select by SIC code, industry type, employee size, sales volume, and more. (**Consumer email address are NOT provided at any time, however they are available for additional deployments through CAS).

Pricing & Minimums

Pricing depends on the email quantity, the type of list used, and demographic selections. Contact one of our experienced sales consultants for email pricing details. Click Here for our contact information or to request an email quote.

CAN-SPAM Compliant - 100% (always!)

ALL Email Campaigns offered by CAS are CAN Spam compliant.

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