Double Opt In Email Marketing Delivery

Double Opt-In Email Deployment

"Double Opt-In”, otherwise known as "Confirmed Opt-In", is the most targeted form of email marketing.

 The process to add a new email address: An individual asks to be subscribed to mailing list, but unlike "single" or "unconfirmed" opt-in, a confirmation e-mail is sent for verification.

The new subscriber must respond to the confirmation e-mail in order to be added to the Double Opt-In list. This ensures that no person can subscribe someone else out of malice or error. Some may refer to the Double Opt-In process as a "confirmed subscription" or "closed-loop opt-in".

PROS: The Double Opt-In E-mail address authentication technique validates that a person claiming to possess a particular email address actually does so. The double opt-in process eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits another email address other than their own. The Double Opt-In campaigns will provide a much higher deliverability, open, and click thru rates, as well as lower SPAM and Opt-Out rates.

CONS: With the advantages of Double Opt-In email lists such as higher deliverability, click thru rates, open rates, etc., comes added costs. Your average cost for each thousand records sent will be higher than the single opt-in campaigns. Double Opt-In campaigns are generally not meant for saturation, however they can be highly targeted to your audience.

WHAT LISTS ARE AVAILABLE: Double opt-in email lists are available for both Consumers and Businesses. If you market to Consumers, select from any of our 500+ available demographics. If you market to Businesses, select by SIC code, industry type, employee size, sales volume, and more.

SOURCES: The double opt-in lists are compiled from over 350 third party contributing websites. For an example of an online email survey

OPEN RATE: 9% - 19% depending on the campaign

CLICK THRU RATE: 1% - 3% depending on the campaign

PRICING AND MINIMUM: Pricing depends on the email quantity, the type of list used, and demographic selections. Contact one of our experienced sales consultants for email pricing details. Click Here for our contact information or to request an email quote.

CAN-SPAM COMPLIANT: Yes, 100% - All Email Campaigns offered by CAS are CAN Spam compliant.

OTHER EMAIL OPTIONS: See our Single Opt-In Email Campaign or our Guaranteed Open Email Campaign


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