35th Anniversary

Chief Technology Officer Celebrates 35 Years at CAS

by Tani Ochs

Growing up on a farm in southwest Iowa, Mary Fulton became an avid reader. As a young girl, she participated in 4-H, sports and her high school music program. Little did she know that these favorite pastimes were enhancing her analytical thinking and intelligence while preparing her for her future role as CTO at CAS.

Mary was driven to success as a young girl when she headed off to college at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. There she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She decided to take some programming classes at the University of Nebraska and decided to make a career change to Technology. Later in 2005 she would also earn a Master's degree in E-Commerce from Creighton University.

The year 1981 proved to be an exciting year for change as Mary embarked on a new career that was primarily male dominated. She became a new wife to her husband, Rick, and accepted a position at Consolidated Business Services/CAS Inc. to join Mike and Kathie Garrean as a contract programmer.

Under Mike and Kathie Garrean's tutelage, Mary worked in a team environment providing contract programming for local Nebraska firms such as ConAgra, the Omaha World Herald, Omaha National Bank and G&G Manufacturing. In the 90's CAS was growing, and Mary began serving in a management roll at the firm. It was during this time that Mary's focus became developing in-house software for CAS. She contributed to the CAS Same Day Software platform, which included postal hygiene and presorting software that was certified by the United States Postal Service.

In the later part of the 90's, she began developing CAS' Turbo marketing net platform, a system developed for automating online marketing list counts and orders. This automation revolutionized turn times and changed how the company sold and marketed its core products. External users could now access data for prospect list rentals, and phone appending. This new system grew in popularity quickly and demand from CAS' list broker community created a need for private labeling the system. Mary recently upgraded the Turbo platform in 2015, and the system remains as popular as ever with employees and clients.

Mary attributes her longevity and success at CAS to the dynamic nature of her job. Her role has undergone many changes throughout the years which has kept her job interesting and engaging. Moving to servers in the 90's, the introduction of PC's and email, and the Do Not Call legislation all had a significant impact on her role with CAS. She credits Kathie Garrean as being a mentor and holds fond memories of working with many wonderful people throughout her years with the company.

Mary's winning approach to her work is to identify challenges and to apply technology to solve them. We appreciate her approach and applaud Mary Fulton's many years of service. Whether she is troubleshooting, interfacing with her employees, creating specifications or coding, she does so with style and grace.

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